Arsenal 1-0 Watford

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Arsenal 1-0 Watford: Hot issues after the Premier League game, the Gunners squeezed into the top of the table.

1. Artillery begins to enter the entrance.

Three points on the day means that since they were beaten 5-0 by Manchester City at the end of August, Mikel Arteta‘s Arsenal are unbeaten so far. This is the 10th game in a row that includes all items already. It also won 8 and lost only 4 goals, which makes this excellent form. Cannon partisans overtake Manchester United, moving up to fifth in the table already. Although the work may still not look perfect. But if it continues to keep points like this, finishing in the top four will probably not sound like a lot to the Gunners anymore.

2. Not Aubameyang’s Day

Tonight is not really the day of the Gunners’ number one spearhead, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang. News also missed the penalty. The shot was clearly unconvincing, even though Ben Foster flew past it but still managed to raise his arm in time to brush it off. Not only that, the second half referred to the fortune of Martin Odegaard, who shot through the goalkeeper. The ball was about to cross the line, but Auba chose to charge even though he was in an offside position until the team didn’t get the second goal that Odegaard would have been sulking for three days and four nights.