Father Scott Elliott He open up about his son’s return to Liverpool

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Father Scott Elliott He open up about his son’s return to Liverpool. Harvey Elliott Wanderers father, Scott Elliott, gave an interview. After seeing his son return to the pitch in the win over Cardiff. 3-1 and also score his first goal as a Reds player

“To see the great son come back to play again like before the long injury. It’s the ultimate dream of a father like me, and Harvey myself would dream of the second to be back on the pitch in front of the fans once again.” Dad told UFABET

“I saw my son playing football on the streets near the Liverpool Academy since he was very young. And he grew up as the Kop like the rest of the family. 

Until today had the opportunity to score goals and run to celebrate with the fans at Anfield. It is something beyond imagination.”

“For a child under 20 years old to be able to achieve his dream like this, the chance is only 1 in a million, don’t tell me how difficult it is. especially after having to rest from a long injury.

“Harvey’s goal was absolutely perfect in terms of timing and technique. everything happened very fast But I don’t know why I remember every split second since my son touched the ball. Move along and spin the volley into the net.”

Father Elliott He open up about his son’s return to Liverpool after a five-month injury.

“When the child crosses the line The first thing I did was turn to look at the linesman. I was sure that the flag was definitely not raise. Then was the moment of celebrating the goal.”

“From the chair I sat on the side of the field. The determination and determination could be clearly seen on Harvey’s face. It was fill with intense passion that he had accumulated all his life. Especially during the last 5 months. Who rest because of injuries. No one knows how hard a child is going through a difficult time.”