Foden’s hat-trick leads Manchester City to a 4-1 win over Villa.

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Phil Foden was in form, scoring three goals alone, leading Manchester City to a 4-1 win over Aston Villa. At the Etihad Stadium, it’s a Premier League game between the Blues and the Rising Lions. 

After 10 minutes had passed, the home team sent the ball into the net. Jeremy Dogu slipped in from the right before cutting inside. Rodri shot into the net without missing a beat. VAR asked to check for offside but confirmed it for Manchester. City leads 1-0 

But in the 20th minute, Villa equalized 1-1 from a counter-attack game before Jon Duran made a shot with Morgan Rogers. Who stabbed the Colombian striker in and shot with nothing left. Even though VAR asked to be involved, they couldn’t. The error was not found at all according to the water for the gate.

Playing until the 37th minute, Manchester City missed the opportunity to take the lead again. Rego Lewis flowed for Julian Alvarez to hit with his right hand, but Robin Olsen was saved.UFABET

In the first minute of extra time.

The Blues got a satisfying shout from a long-range free kick. Phil Foden shot through the wall and curved the ball into the net, leading the team 2-1.

Plus, in the 5th minute of extra time, the home team was close to scoring another goal. Bernardo Silva’s cross gave Julian Alvarez a flying header, but it was blocked by Robin Olsen.

In the second half, Manchester City had two chances in a row, starting with Jeremy Doku’s shot not getting past the goalkeeper, and later Phil Foden stabbing Bernardo Silva into making a save from Robin Olsen. 

In the 55th minute, Villa almost got hurt from another counterattack. This time, Moussa Diaby flowed from right to left. Douglas Luiz hit hard but couldn’t get through. Stefan Ortega flicked it over the crossbar.

However, in the 62nd minute, the home team took a 3-1 lead thanks to the awesomeness of Rodri, who broke through before coming in front of the penalty area. Phil Foden shot quickly and sent the ball into the far post. 

Still not enough, in the 69th minute the score flowed to 4-1. Phil Foden was knocked down but got up to block the ball the next moment before moving to press with his left into the net for his own hat trick in this match.

At the end of the game, Manchester City won 4-1 against Aston Villa, now with 67 points, just one point behind Arsenal after 30 matches, while Villa has 59 points, still in 4th place.