Gerrard revealed he was a huge fan of Mount

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Gerrard revealed he was a huge fan of Mount ahead of Aston Villa’s clash with Chelsea.

Steven Gerrard manager of Aston Villa. He then revealed that he is a fan of Mason mounts midfielder Wonder ideas from Chelsea before the army Leo prominently on their home game Lion Navy. War in the English Premier League game tonight.

“Mason Mount is a footballer who I have closely followed his development in from day one at Chelsea and growing into one of the top midfielders in the Premier League today,” Stevie G said. through a press conference

“And from the various works created as a Chelsea player, especially this season. Dare to assert yourself that he is the great hope of our England team as well. So it’s no surprise that I’ve become a huge fan of this boy already.”

“I love that Mount plays football with a smile on his face most of the time. He can often create amazing opportunities for his friends in each match. He also scored important goals for Chelsea over and over again.”

“He’s one of the youngest players with a European Championship trophy taped on his forehead. And even if I don’t mention today The whole world will appreciate it anyway. But for tonight’s game I don’t want to see him perform well despite being a huge fan.”