Jurgen Klopp criticizes

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Jurgen Klopp criticizes decision-making to put Liverpool at a disadvantage.

Jurgen Klopp has claimed the referee’s decision was the opposite of Liverpool in their 3-2 defeat to West Ham on the night.

The result of the game at the London Stadium, in addition to ending the club’s unbeaten record. It also made the home team jump over the Merseyside team to go third in the scoreboard.

However, the German coach admitted that some judgments he thought were unfair. such as when they conceded the first goal

“The key moments, of course, the timing of the goals, it was clear, in some situations the decision had to go the other way,” he told Sky Sports after the game.

“I think the first goal was a foul against the goalkeeper. I don’t know exactly what a player has to do to get a foul with the goalkeeper. He bumps into Ali’s (Alysson) arm and how will he catch the ball? Someone pulled his arm away, for me it doesn’t make sense.”

He continued: “There are two West Ham players [in front of Alisson], we cannot take them out. If the goalkeeper does something, that could be a penalty. You do that? “

” That’s why goalkeepers should be protected, “

” I know people will say. ‘He’s looking for excuses’ I didn’t do that, I was very calm, I didn’t think we were too good to lose. The result is like that.”

He concluded that Creswell’s shot against Jordan Henderson also deserved a red card and if VAR still decides this is not accurate. He’s out of intelligence.