Manchester United 0-2 Manchester City

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Manchester United 0-2 Manchester City: Highlights after the Manchester derby.

1. Bailly Returns to Ordinary

Then there was something strange in the last game when Eric Bailly was able to show outstanding form against Atalanta in the midweek game

Solskjaer picked him to start again and it is clear why. So he doesn’t play often. because every time he plays well The next game, the Ivory Coast defenders are often injured or play poorly.

which in this case is the latter.

2. Ole’s Hell Loop

Ole survived a sacking with a win over Tottenham Hotspur – optimists would think that would be the start of a turnaround by the Norwegian, but the surviving fans of United will know it’s Solskjaer’s loop when he’s close to being

sent off. As you can see, they drew with Atalanta and followed up with a loss to City in this game, so

it will continue to be the case. If the board is still thinking of giving him a chance.

3. Leaky defensive game

Manchester United have conceded goals at Old Trafford in their last 14 games. This is the club’s worst record in nearly 80 years

for Varane this season and an injury has prevented the former Real Madrid player from playing much. So everything didn’t look like Solcha had hoped at all.

However, the team’s main defensive line such as Maguire, Shaw or Wan-Bissaka also seem to be in a very bad form. And as seen in this game.

But you can’t blame them all. because if the middle ground didn’t sway to this extent The game image should look better.

4. Being left further away

Manchester United can score up to the Tabori of their city. If you win in this game But it doesn’t.

On the other hand. They are already six points cleared. Eight points from leaders Chelsea. who are still

After losing their first three games in a row, can overtake. They can win if they draw or win this weekend.