Moura spurred on by Spurs

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Moura spurred on by Spurs’ form after losing the battle London derby demolished.

Brazilian forward Lucas Moura has criticized his team-mates after Tottenham‘s 3-1 defeat to Arsenal in the Premier League on Sunday night. According to a report from the Daily Mail

Spurs were taken 3-0 up by the hosts in the first half. Before they smashed an egg from Son Heung-min in the second half, Nuno Espirito’s side suffered three consecutive defeats in the league and conceded nine goals.

“Now is not the time to say anything. It’s time to be quiet and work hard. This is a very bad game, it doesn’t work at all. I think they took advantage of our mistakes. We gave them too much space to play. and we can’t play We don’t try to play football. We don’t try to have possession of the ball.”

“We are a team that has good possession on the ball, can create games and can do a lot more than we can. But we played the ball too long. We weren’t furious enough and they punished us. Despite being led 3-0, the game is not over yet. In the second half we played differently. It’s pretty good. But it was too late, being led 3-0 in the first half is hard to come back.

“But we tried We fought until the last minute but it wasn’t enough. We are not happy at all and we have to keep improving,” Moura said.