Smith opens up about moving across the ‘Leeds-Manchester United’ divide

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Alan Smith, former British striker Opened up about his move from Leeds United to play for Manchester United, which made him hated by “Yungthong” fans.

This star player gave an interview via Soccer AM in 2002, at which time he was a rising star. Leeds’ rising power Answering the question that one of the clubs he would never move to is Manchester United,

Leeds’ hot performance in the 2000s began to run into financial problems. Before the end of the summer market in 2002, they had to sell players like Rio Ferdinand and Robbie Keane from the team.

Smith became a new hope. and won Leeds’ best player award two years in a row in 2003 and 2004, but in the 2003/04 season the agency was relegated from the Premier League and its finances were in serious crisis. Until having to consider an offer to buy Alan Smith from Manchester United, which is considered a rival team,

Smith revealed the incident via United’s podcast, stating:

“It was said. They talked about signing me in January. And I talked to Sir Alex Ferguson, but I couldn’t transfer in January. Because I want to help Leeds avoid relegation ′′

Then United went to buy Louis Saha from Fulham, so I think my transfer was finished. They probably didn’t want me.”

“I was at home at the time. Then there was a call from Sir Alex. And I made the decision immediately without consulting anyone. “

I didn’t want to make any excuses to sign for Manchester United because it was a football-based decision. main From the club’s [Leeds] point of view, it’s a financial matter. “

I would be doing myself a disservice. If I hadn’t signed for one of the biggest football clubs in the world at the time,

Smith moved to play for the Red Devils in late May 2004 for a fee of £7 million, at which time he Aged 23 years. In fact, he will receive a lump sum share from the contract fee. Because he was not the one who asked to transfer the team. But he refused to accept the money for the club’s benefit. However, this failed to protect Smith from Leeds United fans who have branded him a “Judas” or a traitor since that day.