West Ham 3-2 Liverpool

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West Ham 3-2 Liverpool: Clearing up issues after Liverpool’s first defeat of the season.

1. Statistics just stop at this point.

After 25 games unbeaten, Liverpool’s record has come to a halt at the hands of worthy rivals West Ham.

however, their direct rivals in their league title race have just dropped points in the final. The draw with Burnley puts the distance between Chelsea at four points, not less than that.

Still, not winning two league games in a row could be a bit of a concern if it develops into a bigger problem, so Klopp needs to start analyzing where the problem is and fixing it ASAP.

2. Great formula to deal with the world-class offensive line

West Ham played perfectly in a confrontation with Liverpool, they know where to turn next hit is not a good solution (while Manchester United will not)

get all 4 of them standing stretch yard box. Keep it tight, not allowing the three of the Reds’ offensive line to penetrate. And every time Mo Salah tries to do something Declan Rice, Creswell and Ogbonna will take turns to attack him until he can’t do anything very well.

Having a strong target like Mikhail Antonio is a big help, he’s both the team’s first defensive line and a steel spear that’s always ready to pounce with the ball. And even today he is not named on the scoreboard. But his way of playing has left both Liverpool centers tongue-tied in their attempts to stop him.

3. Have you finished comparing Trent and Wan-Bissaka yet?

We’ve had endless discussions when comparing Liverpool and Manchester United right-backs. And while Solskjaer’s men often have the advantage of defensive and head-to-head duels. In terms of offensive play and creating chances for Trent’s team-mates, it’s really second

to none. While his addition to the game did not improve in the slightest. (And possibly even worse). It’s

true that Trent’s defensive game today might not have been that great. But, like all teams, when facing Benrahma and Antonio or Fornals,

one thing to appreciate is his free-kick goal. In addition to soaring forward in the first half when the home team opened the box for him to play. This young right-back can be very dangerous.

Now it wouldn’t be wrong to say that he was truly worthy of being number 1.